Monday, July 6, 2020


Post #5: First Day Post Surgery - June 25, 2020


When I woke up my eye was still quite sore. It felt like it had been scratched in a couple places or like I had a piece or two of grit lodged under my eyelid. My vision out of the fixed eye was a little better but not much. Everything was still in soft focus but there was a bit more detail, Things looked better than before the procedure with both eyes open. I notice that my device (computer, phone and tablet) screens  all seem too bright and hurt my eyes. I don't know if this is because my right eye is still a bit dilated from the drops they put in before the procedure or if it's because I've now got a clearer lens in my right eye and now the screens are too bright for that eye. I turned the brightness down on all of them so I could look at them more comfortably.

When I first sat down at the computer, I could barely make out any text. I then went through testing all of the reading glasses I had used for various things before but none were any good for the computer. None of them were great for the computer before but they did help a bit. What I did use for working on my computer was an old pair of bifocals my late father used to wear. They weren't perfect by any means but they did improve my vision a noticeable amount at an intermediate distance so they were the best things I had for working on the computer. They don't work worth a damn now so I know something's changed with my vision, that's for sure.


My vision is getting better out of my fixed eye but it's still nowhere near crystal clear. It's more clear than it was in the morning and considerably more clear than last night when everything appeared to be in very soft focus and little detail could be seen. I now see more detail in things but everything is still quite blurry. I have found now that raising the magnification level on my computer screen is helping more than any of my readers/magnifiers that I used before. Dad's old bifocals don't work any better either so I probably won't ever be using them again.

One thing I do notice that's encouraging is that if I look at the computer screen with just my left eye, I still see double like I did before but if I just look through my right eye, the text is still not sharp but there is no double vision like there was before. That tells me that if my right eye can neural-adapt to this lens and start to see things in good focus, I should no longer have the double/multiple image thing happening that I did with the cataract and my vision problem will be licked.


I went out for a walk after dark. There are some stop lights a couple blocks away so I went down there to take a look. Huge halos and starbursts off of the traffic and street lights. But they don't go symmetrically around the lights. It's kind of a clam shell pattern with the longest part of the shell pointing vertically upward. There was also a distinct diffraction pattern in the starbursts. Very strange. There was far less haloing in my cataract afflicted left eye that what I was seeing through the IOL in my right eye. It's going to take me a while to figure out how to duplicate what I was seeing through my IOL in Photoshop but I will do my best to do that and add them to this post later. I certainly hope those effects diminish considerably with neural-adaptation otherwise driving at night will be a real challenge.

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