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Post #15: Second Eye 3 Week Post-surgery Eye Exam Results (Awesome!) - September 14, 2020

Today is 2 days shy of 11 weeks after the first (right) eye was done and 2 days shy of 3 weeks since the second (left) eye was done. Time for an eye exam on both eyes. If you read my last post you'll recall I rocked 5 for 5 on the 20/20 line (6/6 line in metric) with my right eye and at 1.5 hours post surgery I got 20/40 (6/12) in my left eye which was really good considering the new IOL had only been in the eye for a little under 90 minutes. Sixty - 90 minutes after the first IOL went in my right eye, I was at 20/140 (~6/43-ish) out of that eye. For that day, my cataract afflicted 20/70 eye was my best eye! And if you did read my last post from 3 weeks ago you'll also recall I felt I could've done as well as 20/15 (6/4.5) in my right eye but I wasn't able to get tested for that because they didn't have any tests better than 20/20 (6/6) available.

As such, I went into today's session very curios to see how much the vision in my left eye had improved and if they might have acquired the ability to test beyond 20/20 since I had requested that they do so after my test 3 weeks ago. The technician first tested my left eye and I went 4 or 5 out of 5 with my left eye on the 20/15 (6/4.5) line! What an excellent and unexpected result! I didn't expect it because I don't think I've fully neural-adapted in the mid/far ranges on my left eye yet. My near vision in that eye is quite good but I think my mid and far vision can still improve quite a bit in that eye.

The technician then put some numbing drops in both of my eyes in order to do some pressure tests but the testing pencil started acting up on her and wouldn't register a result despite the fact she tried six or more times on each eye to get a reading. She said it had been a couple weeks since the device was charged up so I suggested that maybe the battery was low and that was why the device wasn't working properly. She then left the room and brought back another device which worked. Normal pressure in both eyes. All good!

I then reminded her I wanted to test the right eye below 20/20 and so we tried the test. The problem was it seemed like the drop she put in and all the pressure tests she tried (forcing me to hold my eyes open longer than was comfortable) were causing my eyes to water a bit and that made it hard to get real sharp focus on anything. I couldn't read any of the 20/15 line with my right eye at that time. Bummer.

Due to some other stuff going on, I was able to get back in the same exam room about 15 minutes later so I asked the technician if I could please try the 20/15 line again with my right eye. This time, I could make out 3 of the 5 letters and I guessed Y on what was actually a V on one of the remaining 2 which was pretty darn close. That test would then put me better than 20/20 (6/6) in the right eye and fairly close to if not at 20/15 (6/4.5) in the right eye. The thing is, I know my right eye has better vision than my left. The reason I think I know this is because whenever I look at something with one eye  and then the other, my visual acuity and things always seem more in focus with my right eye vs the left. Despite that, I scored a definite 20/15 with the left today and a somewhat iffy 20/15 with my right eye today.

Although I have no means of proving it, I think I would've done better on my right eye test had it been done before the numbing drop went in and all those pressure tests were attempted. Again, I have no actual test results to prove it but based on how I see, I think my right eye is as solidly at, if not more solidly at 20/15 (6/4.5) than my left eye is and that is a TERRIFIC RESULT! I couldn't be happier about the outcome of my lens replacement surgeries or my choice of IOL. I think the results show that the Lentis MPlus IOL from Clarion Medical was a great choice for my eyes.

If Doctor Mitchell is correct in saying my vision is likely to continue improving for up to a year after surgery, then there's every reason to hope that a solid 5 for 5 20/15 (6/4.5) result is possible in both eyes. That would be even better than the high bar I set for what I would call a total success at the beginning of this journey. No matter what, I'm very, VERY happy to have better than 20/20 (6/6) vision in both eyes at this point. What a great result!

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