Thursday, July 16, 2020


Post #11: First Test Results 3 Weeks after Surgery - July 16, 2020

Today I went in for my first post-surgery checkup. They tested the visual acuity of my right eye.

I never had my eyes tested when I was young and had good eyesight so I don't know how good my vision was before when it was at its peak but I know I had good eyesight. I suspect it was in the 20/20 (6/6 in metric) to 20/30 (6/9) range but I have no test data to prove it. When I went in to the Mitchell Eye Clinic to have my cataracts checked out and to find out if I was a good candidate for IOL replacement surgery, my visual acuity results were as follows:

Pre-Surgery (Cataract Impaired) Vision

            Left Eye (OS)                                      Right Eye (OD)
SC            20/70                                                     20/40                SC = Without Correction
PH            20/25                                                     20/30                PH = Pinhole Occluder

The Pinhole Occluder temporarily corrects for refractive errors so it can give you an idea of what the eye is capable of seeing without the cataract or whatever is causing the refractive error.

3 Weeks Post-IOL Replacement Surgery

Today, the technician who was doing the checkup was quite surprised at how close I am able to focus in the near range. I can focus quite well at about 15 cm (6 inches). She said that typically, most people can't focus closer than 40 - 60 cm (16 - 24 inches) with the IOL that I had put in.

She said my right eye was seeing at 20/20 and should still continue to improve as I continue to neural-adapt to the IOL. Prognosis: EXCELLENT!

This is terrific news! I couldn't be happier. I don't always see everything in perfect focus so I know I still have a ways to go in neural-adapting to this IOL but these results are very, very encouraging. It seems I made an excellent choice with the Lentis MPlus lens.

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