Monday, July 6, 2020


Post #6: Second Day after Surgery - June 26, 2020

By last evening the scratchy feeling in my eye was gone and it was still gone today. My vision continues to improve, although most of the improvement is in the short range out to about 80 cm or so. Further out than that, vision through the IOL is still not that sharp. My brain is obviously still trying to figure out what visual input from the IOL to use and which to filter out when I'm looking at things at those distances.

One thing that's interesting is how good my close-up vision is getting. The literature on the IOL I chose says the IOL is good into the short range down to the 30 or 40 cm (12 - 16 inch) range. Closer than that they say will usually require reading glasses but I'm seeing things clearly as close as 15 cm (6 inches)! I haven't been able to see things clearly that close in since presbyopia started to kick in in my early to mid 40s (~20 years ago). This is very encouraging! I hope my ability to see things so clearly so close-up continues and that my mid and far range vision kicks gets to be as good.

After dark, I went back down to the intersection a couple blocks away to look at the traffic/stop, street and car lights to see if things were still the same as they were last night. To my absolute astonishment, things were completely different! There was NOWHERE NEAR as much haloing and starbursting around the lights and the patterns I was seeing were completely different! In just 24 hours, the amount of difference I saw was mind blowing. I was in disbelief at what I was seeing. There was a little bit of haloing around the various lights and I was seeing a small cluster of multiple images of the lights around each light but there was very little starbursting anymore. Just 24 hours earlier, there was an alarming amount of starbursting emanating from every light source. Now there's maybe only 10% of that. I was gobsmacked! 

This is VERY encouraging. A day ago, I was very concerned about what driving at night was going to be like and now, just a day later, I'm not that worried at all. If this trend continues, I won't be having any trouble with haloing and starbursting around bright lights at night and night driving shouldn't be a problem.

I'm very interested to see what things are looking like when I return to the intersection tonight.

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