Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Post #9: A Breakthrough! 1.6 Weeks After Surgery - July 6, 2020

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was look at some things on my 10.5" screen tablet computer. As it has been for the last couple weeks, I noticed how clear my near-field vision (15 cm - 60 cm or 6 inches - 2 feet) is and I also noticed that there were certain ranges within that range that were either more sharp or less sharp than others. But when I put the tablet down and looked down at my toes and beyond, I noticed something else. Things were more in focus than they had been before and not just a little bit more in focus. A fair amount, actually. Excited, I started to look around the room at things that were at various distances from me and much of it seemed a lot more clear than it was even just a day ago. I couldn't believe it!
I got out of bed and went over into the living room and looked out the front window towards my car parked on the street maybe 10-ish m (30 - 33 feet) away and I could see it fairly clearly. It was still not as sharp as I want it to be but it was definitely noticeably sharper than it was before. Looking around at things, I realized my mid and distance vision seems to have improved tremendously overnight. I was stunned and filled with a mix of joy and relief. My brain is neural-adapting to the lens and I'm starting to see much better! The change from yesterday is unbelievable! I was so happy!

I had to drive somewhere this morning and when I would look up ahead, I could see cars a lot more clearly than I was seeing them yesterday. Not as clear and as sharp as I hope I will someday see them but a lot better than before. When I looked over at the right (passenger) side side-view mirror, I could see it and the image reflected in it VERY clearly. It was quite sharp. It made me so happy to see that I squealed with joy!  :-)

One thing I notice is that when I look at something at a distance and am thinking consciously about whether or not it looks sharp and focused, it often looks out of focus. But if my mind is thinking about something other than my vision and I'm looking over at the same thing, I often suddenly become aware of the fact that my focus on that object is pretty good. It's as though my conscious brain wants to cut through and make me aware that the subconscious part of my mind is starting to do a kick-ass job of neural-adapting to the new lens. It also seems like if my conscious mind can at times get in the way, so my sub-conscious mind has a harder time doing its job of focusing only on what it needs to on my retina and filtering out/ignoring the rest. It's kind of like the battle you have inside your head when you're trying to play golf. The subconscious mind and the muscle memory knows how to swing the club but everything goes haywire if your conscious mind gets in there and tries to take over the process.

At any rate, it's been a very important day in this journey and this giant leap I've made so suddenly has really made me feel much more confident and optimistic about where this is going to go. I have to admit, I was starting to let some doubts about how successful I was going to be with these lenses start to creep in. Now I'm really looking forward to getting the left eye done and to that day when I can see everything super sharp through both eyes at the same time. I think it's gonna happen! I'm also catching myself taking great delight in finding things with small type on them and holding them out at an arms length just to see if I can read the text (which I usually can).   ;-)


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