Saturday, July 11, 2020


Post #8 - 1.5 Weeks After Surgery - July 5, 2020

I'm surprised, but I haven't noticed much improvement in anything since my last blog. My near field vision is still pretty good but the range I can focus in hasn't changed much from my last blog. I get good focus in the 0.15 - 60 cm range but beyond that, things are not good and haven't changed much. The mid and distant range vision coming from my cataract inflicted left eye is still quite a bit better than what's coming through my "repaired" eye, especially in low light. When I go outside in the backyard and look at the trees silhouetted against a moonlit night sky, what I see out of my non-operated on cataract inflicted left eye is far more crisp and focused than my "repaired" right eye which is quite dark and blurry and lacking in detail. 

When I was out driving during the day, I was finding it just as tough to see signs and see things up ahead of me clearly as it was before the operation. I found myself beginning to wonder if I somehow got the wrong lens put in or if my lens had moved and was off axis or something.

This neural adaptation process is taking longer/moving along slower than I expected. I would've hoped that I'd be making more improvements in the mid and distant ranges by now but maybe I'm being unrealistic. I don't know. The Doctor's office didn't really give me any information on what to expect in terms of normal timelines for neural adapting to these lenses and there's not that much information about it that I can find on the Internet. This is why I think records and accounts of people going through the process like this are valuable. There needs to be more of them.

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