Monday, July 6, 2020


Post #7: One Week After Surgery - July 1, 2020

Not a lot has changed since my last blog. My near field focus is still pretty good from about 15 cm - 60 cm (6 inches to 2 feet) but after that it starts getting blurry. There has not been much improvement in my mid-range and distance vision. The vision I get at those distances is definitely worse than what I see through my unaltered cataract afflicted (left) eye.

The amount of haloing and starbursting I see around traffic and street lights at night has diminished a bit more but it's still there and fairly noticeable. It's looking like it will be tolerable though. I'm hoping it continues to diminish as I neural-adapt to the implant.

I noticed this before but forgot to mention it. When I type on the computer screen, I see the type quite clearly but I also see faint ghost type right underneath the text that I see on the screen. The real text appears to overlap the top part of the ghost type so the vertical offset between the real and ghost type is maybe 90% of the letter height. What I mean here is that if the offset was 100%, the top of the ghost type would just touch the bottom of the real type. At 90%, the real type appears to overly the top 10% of the ghost type. Here's an example graphic I made to show you what I'm seeing.

Picture of text

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